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The Movies You Should Watch Before Visiting Disney World

The Imagineering Story

This is the best Disney Plus movie for you if you want to know what's happening behind the scenes. Only Disney Plus subscribers can watch The Imagineering Story. It looks at how and why Disney World was built. It follows talented designers and creators, shows how some of our favorite rides and attractions are made, and gives you more information about the man who made it happen.

The Imagineering Story tells you secrets and small details about rides and attractions that you might not have known otherwise. It also tells you how some rides came to be and how they work. If you want to immerse yourself in Disney parks' magic, watch this fantastic program on Disney Plus.

The Princess and the Frog

Since the movie came out in 2009, Tiana has been available for meet-and-greets, and the Port Orleans Resorts give guests a look at New Orleans. However, Princess Tiana is one of the least well-known princesses in Disney parks. There's about to be a change in all of that.

Disney said in June 2020 that the Splash Mountains at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom would change their names and become attractions called "The Princess and the Frog."

Princess Tiana and Louis take the place of Brer Rabbit and other characters from the movie Song of the South. This is a big step towards making the parks more welcoming for everyone. In light of this, seeing The Princess and the Frog is a terrific idea before visiting Disney World.


Fantasia is one of the most important Disney movies many have ever seen. It was one of Disney's first animated movies. Mickey as the Sorcerer's Apprentice is one of the most common ways to see Mickey, and we see it in the movie Fantasia. This Mickey is the logo of the Disney Imagineers, the people who made the parks.

The Sorcerer Mickey hat is a well-known sight at the parks and is offered for sale as souvenirs, hats to wear, or pins, among other things. Fantasia is a great Disney movie to watch before going to Disney World because it has great music and animation.


Coco is a very beautiful movie to look at. It's also the first time many people have heard about the Mexican holiday Da de los Muertos, which means "Day of the Dead." The celebration commemorates and honors those who have passed.

Because of all these things, Coco is a visually and emotionally beautiful movie.

Since Coco came out in 2017, more areas of the parks have been inspired by Mexico. These areas are just as beautiful as the movie, so watching Coco is a good way to learn more about the Mexican art and music you can enjoy at Disney World.


Disney fans everywhere should see Frozen since it has become one of the most popular movies. Because of this, characters from Frozen have become a big part of Disney parks. Since the Frozen Ever After ride starts after the first movie, you should watch it.

However, the For the First Time In Forever: Frozen Sing-Along Celebration is one of the best new Frozen attractions, making it the most important Disney film you should see before visiting Disney World. Sing along to the songs from Frozen in this fun attraction that requires you to have seen the movie first.

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is a movie based on the ride at Walt Disney World. It was made in the same style as Pirates of the Caribbean, but it didn't do as well at the box office, even though Eddie Murphy was in it.

Even so, the movie gives a much more detailed backstory to the stories in the Haunted Mansion, which makes the ride more interesting and helps you understand it better. Even though it's billed as a comedy, the movie is much scarier than the ride. Please don't show it to younger kids before taking them to the parks.

A Bug’s Life

A Bug's Life is a Disney Pixar movie that doesn't get as much attention as it should. It has everything that Disney Pixar movies are known for. But all that is different now thanks to the It's Tough to be a Bug! Display at Animal Kingdom. It's Tough to be a Bug! Takes A Bug's Life to a new level with 4D technology and world-class animatronics.

But it is a lot better if you have seen the movie before. Characters from the movie are used in the show, like Flik and Hopper, so it's a good idea to know who they are ahead of time. The movie also tells us how bugs live, which is what the show is about, so the two go together.

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